HOW TO OPEN AN ETSY SHOP (+Get free listings!)

how to start an Etsy shop

Starting any type of business can be a stressful journey. But nowadays, there are so many bloggers and craft makers who make a living online! And in a world of a million possibilities, today I wanted to tell you a bit about how to open an Etsy shop.

Whether you have already set your mind to starting your own personal store with Etsy or you are still considering different possibilities, stick around and read on.

Alright, Etsy might not be on the top of your list, and that’s ok. There are plenty of other types of online stores to consider and you might be able to make your brand more profitable elsewhere. Still, I do want to point out that Etsy shops are extremely easy to open and run. Plus, they are quite stress-free and you can decide on the maintenance time you want to spend. Of course, there are many ways you can improve your store and products, but Etsy will also take care of a lot of the work for you!

Ready to start selling??

What do you need before getting started on Etsy?

Start by brainstorming your shop’s name. Look around to see what’s already in use and what other brands go for. Also consider similarities. If you see that a well-established store has a name that is very close to yours, you might want to brand yourself in a way that is unique and will not confuse potential buyers.

Similarly, by doing your research, you will get an idea of your competitors, learn what they are doing, what kind of prices they practice, and what your ideal customer would look like.

Narrowing down your brand’s niche will help you know more about your target audience as well. Who’s that person who buys from you? What is she looking for? And what product variations can you create so that your customer will favorite your shop, return and buy from you repeatedly?

It is important to target the right people from an early stage and brand yourself accordingly! You are not only looking to have a couple of thousand views within the first month of opening your Etsy store. Your main goal is actually converting visitors into buyers! And for that, you have to stand out from the crowd.

Equally important is to treat your small Etsy corner as an actual startup. Create your working routines, make sure you put enough time into creating amazing products with real selling potential before listing them.

Now, get yourself comfortable…

  • Create an inspiring working space,
  • Make sure that your computer is all set by organizing any online materials you need during your creation process,
  • Create a dedicated folder to store any digital products and appealing product pictures.

I assume you already know what kind of products you will be selling! Well, prepare them in advance so that you can list several offers right from the start. When a store looks fuller and there’s a larger selection of products, not only buyers will find you easier, but you have increased potential of boosting your conversion rate.

How do you actually open an Etsy store?

Opening your own Esty shop is quite easy. That’s yet another good thing about starting off with an Etsy shop rather than developing a whole e-commerce website for your new brand. It does most of the work for you and you will be joining a pre-existing community with clients that are used to the platform already.

1st Step – Sign in to

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2nd Step – Click on “Sell on Etsy”

3rd Step – Click on “Open your Etsy shop”

4th Step – Fill in your details

5th Step – Start navigating your shop by clicking “Shop Manager”. Discover your dashboard, create listings, set promotions, and more!


Dive into Etsy SEO

First things first, SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.

Unless you already are a well-established blogger or online influencer of any kind, you will probably need to rely on Etsy’s SEO to be found.

Etsy is a search engine and, just like Google does with all types of articles, Etsy recommends certain products to buyers based on what they type on the search box.

If you want to increase your chances of having your products show up when a potential buyer types anything about the items you have for sale, you want to set your SEO game right from the beginning.

There are several keyword opportunities within your shop and when creating listings that will help you boost your SEO.

Keywords are the search terms you want to rank for; those are the most common words a buyer would type when looking for an item such as yours.

Pay attention to the keywords your choose when writing the following:

  • shop description,
  • announcement,
  • Etsy shop and user profiles,
  • listing title,
  • category,
  • product description,
  • attributes,
  • tags
  • and images!

How much does it cost to sell on Etsy?

Etsy fees can be tricky to figure out when you are just starting your online store. There are various categories to consider.

The first cost you will come across is the listing fee. You create a listing when you add a new product to sell (whether you are selling one single item or have a large stock of that one product). Setting that up costs you USD 0.20. Bear in mind that your listing will expire 4 months post the creation date, upon which you can choose to renew it for the same amount.

Similarly, there is an auto-renew sold fee. When Etsy sees that your sold item is still in stock and can continue to be sold, it will charge you an additional USD 0.20 to keep your listing up and running.

Secondly, Etsy charges a transaction fee. This is the fee that Etsy takes from any sale you make. Let’s say this is the commission they get from you for having your products sold on their website. You must take into consideration that this is a percentage fee. That’s 5% based on the amount that the client is actually paying for the item (including retail price and shipping cost).

On top of that, the multi-quantity fee is of USD 0.20. This applies the same way as the auto-renew fee. So depending on the quantity purchased by a client, you will be charged USD 0.20 per additional item. Let’s say you are selling an art print and your buyer will order 2 copies of that same item. Besides the already mentioned costs, Etsy will charge you USD 0.20 for the second item too.

Lastly, there’s an Etsy payment processing fee. This fee will vary according to the country you sell from! You can have a better look at the conditions for different countries, directly on Etsy’s website.

In summary, to understand your profit, look at the total price of your item and then deduct:

  • Listing fee 0,17 €
  • Transaction fee 5%
  • Auto-renew fee (and multi-quantity fee if applicable) 0,17 €
  • Etsy payments fee (depending on the country you sell from) 4% + 0.3 €
  • Whatever it costs you (including materials and your own time) to make the product in question.

I have done this last exercise in Euros because I am selling from Europe, but please be mindful of the exchange rate and what exactly applies to your specific setting.

Please do not get discouraged by all these fees. It is still so worth starting your own business!! I feel blessed for finally having taken the first step already a few months ago. Go ahead:

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