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Pick a Date

When it comes to selecting the day of your wedding, it is important to be flexible. You must consider all pros and cons of your preferred days, and also have alternative dates in mind.

Unless you are willing to be flexible on which venue to book or which vendors to use, then you will probably find that you will be the one who needs to work around their busy schedules.

Also consider the time of the year, holiday periods, historical weather forecast, and whether it is high or low wedding season. That will not only have an impact on your vendors and venue agenda but also the overall spend.

Brainstorm the Basics

Sit down with your partner and brainstorm on the type of wedding you would like to have. Remember to ponder all the ideas and find a balance between what you want and what he/she does. In the end, it’s your day: the day you celebrate the love you feel for one another.

Think about the general style, theme, look and feel, but also the size of the wedding/estimated number of guests, and consider what your priorities are. These details will help you come up with a budget and understand where you are willing to spend more, or less money, which will help you determine many other factors as you go.

Choose a Venue

Be sure to do your research and list all the venues that are worth visiting. This step will take its time because the venue you choose will most likely be the main ruler of your wedding date, style, and budget.

Will you have both the ceremony and reception within the same venue, or will you need to plan transportation from one place to another? Does this venue provide most of the needed services or will you have to get in touch with different vendors for every detail to be organized?

Once you have a shortlist, investigate your top 3 venues further. You’ll do that by understanding the minimum and the maximum number of guests they can cater for, their prices, and the minimum spend required.

Go deeper into Event Design

Now that you have a date, a general view of your wedding day, and a venue booked, you can dive deeper into event design. Think about the colors, decoration possibilities, flower arrangements, etc.

Did you start a Pinterest account yet? If not, go ahead a create a dedicated mood board for wedding inspiration. Save all the pictures and concepts that you find to meet your ideas. At a later stage, these visuals will make it easier to explain your thoughts to each vendor as you contract them.

Book the Vendors

Remember to get organized and book your preferred vendors well in advance. Particularly those who book quickly, such as the band or DJ, photographer and videographer, and designer will need to set your date in their calendars as soon as possible.

Be sure to review every single aspect as you go through the process of signing contracts with different suppliers. Make sure the details of your celebration are correct (date, timing, location, quantities, etc) but also understand what their policies are (payment schedule, cancelation terms, changed requirements, final guest count due date, etc).

If you haven’t downloaded these must-have tools, here’s your chance:

Take care of the Logistics

Start doing your research, contact, and book other key partners:

  • Registry
  • Officiant
  • Catering
  • Décor
  • Florist
  • Beauty
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation

The Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

This is an amazing opportunity to take some time off planning, and spend incredible moments with your closest friends while you are still single! Of course, life as a married couple will be awesome but hey, some things might change and that’s only natural.

Be sure to get yourself a proper girls-only/boys-only party arranged by a trusted friend, or do it yourself.

The Rehearsal Dinner

Look at your rehearsal dinner as a tiny wedding celebration. In the end, it is your opportunity to practice for the big day and put not only yourself and your partner in the right mood but also your closest friends and family.

Although this might be allocated as someone else’s task, you are the one coordinating that person as well. Let them know exactly what they are asked to do and what you envision this pre-wedding party to be like.

The Honeymoon

You probably feel like there still is a lot to do about your wedding, and your honeymoon is yet a whole different project. But as much as it might seem to be a far away dream, you must figure out where you want to go and start taking care of the necessary arrangements early on.

Take Time Off Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is quite intense… But don’t forget the whole purpose of this event: celebrating love and your union! Be sure to take some time off. Go on a long weekend with your significant other, and forget about catering services, vendors, and all those complicated details for a bit.

Take time to rejoice in your relationship and recharge before the final countdown. Perhaps a cocktail by the beach and a couple’s massage wouldn’t be such a bad idea for a change, hein??

Enjoy, You Will Shine!


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